Making splashes And covers (1-10 minutes)



If you need a splash I’m your girl:grin: I will make your splash really fast as you want.I you want to ask for alot splashes or redo fell free to ask all you got to do is this

  1. How many splash do you want.

  2. Describe the splash

  3. What do you want It to say

  4. When do you want it

  5. Wait

Here are some examples of what I make



339674221c750174dee15f41f4983abce46f3eb4 Character edits is @Jayla12

I have tried everything i dont know what to do
In need of a cover for new story!

Hi, can you show samples of your work?


yeah sure


I making more


She already did on the topic…


I did it when she asked


1 .5 splashes
2. First one can be this story uses sound Turn up your volume and enjoy with the sound thingy on it
2th one can be a little galazy thing on it saying chapter 1 where it begins or episode 1 where it begins
3th one could me a flowers saying when will it end episode 2 or chapter 2
4th one a girl that looks sad with a skeleton over her saying its gonna be ok
5th one dont really know yet
4. You can send it at anytime


I will make it right now


heres chapter 1


i like this


here chapter 2

your welcome


would you mind sending them on my instagram (baby_shan4) because its kinda hard getting it on the story if you know how to do it help me please




click on the picture then press ctrl and s at the same time


thank you



I decided to make more



Do you like them


Oh yes thank you


Your welcome