Making Talking Overlays

I’ve seen some Authors have this in their stories.
They’ve either made overlays or done great directing to make their overlays talk like normal characters. I don’t know if that’s possible to do but I wonder how it’s made because it looks quite nice instead of making character overlays not having any motion.

What exactly are the overlays?

maybe they used a gif

They used many lip animations like I do and kept changing the mouth overlay as they went

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How do you exactly do that, because I might of done it wrong and it didn’t look nice.

There basically, edits you make or find when you look in the Art Catalog.

They still use a character.

What you have to do is, create yourself the overlay you want, cover all parts of the character (except her/his mouth) and have a real character under the overlay. (@CHARACTER moves to layer 1 AND overlay TITLE moves to layer 2)

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Get a ton of screenshots of the character without clothes and start changing the eyes and making new animations save each overlay as a png and upload it. Now have the character onscreen and have the overlay created. Once you do that shift it and keep changing overlays

I’m trying to make it work but that’s also trying to find the right animation for the character behind to talk because all animations keep making the character kinda stand out behind the overlay.

Hmm I suggest making the character an overlay as well too if you like

Yeah I’ve basically got the lad as an overlay but cut the mouth part out and I don’t know what to do from there.

Can I see what you have so far to get a better understanding

Here’s the overlay and the lips from the character is there. If I animate the lad to talk you can see him stand out.

Does it move back and forth or sideways? Also, what animation are you using?

Make a custom lip overlay

See it move side ways to the left and its was the natural talk animation.

I also used talk_forward so that didn’t look good.

My best bet would be “talk_read_phone_neutral_loop” it doesn’t move as much as others.

If it’s still the same, you’ll have to direct it sideways. I’ll explain it, but let’s see if “talk_read_phone_neutral_loop” works

Here’s the result. I don’t think that looks right.

Can someone help