Making the background myself. But how?

Hi there,

I’m new at al this. But I wanted to make mine background by myself. I just don’t know how to start it and how many of you do this…
But I really want to learn this. So that I can do it myself.
Is there someone that can help me??


First and foremost you’re going to need some type of creative program.
I use photoshop, but it’s not a free software. There’s a free alternitive called Gimpshop. I’ve never tested it myself but I’ve heard it’s suppose to be a lot like PS. And there are plenty of tutorials out there for how to use it.
Altering already existing Episode background pretty basic and a good base to start out with. Making from scratch’s a bit harder.
Then it’s just to start getting creative. Good luck.


(I really can’t spell at all today it seems… )

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Thank you
And how can you use a episode background? Can you download them?

If you click on the preview image in the art catalogue once you get a bigger preview image. But click on it again (or right click - open new window) you get a full size mage that you can right click and save to your computer.
Then open that image in your creative program and start editing.


Okay, thank you very much!!!
Do you maybe also know how i can make a background that i made myself. From day to night??
I tried with finding filters for it but it didn’t work. I’m using pixlr


Happy to help.

To go from dark to night you have to darken the image somehow. Usually by adding a layer or filter on top, or altering the contast and such. There are several ways depending how advanced you want to be.
It’s hard to explain like this, but if you google day to night pixlr tutorial I’m sure you’ll find a guide for a way that suits you.
Just remember to work on a copy of the original image of yours so you don’t lose it.


okaay thank you very much

Hi I have a Picture that I want to use for background.
But there also windows within the picture and i don’t know how I can make it look like that its dark outside


You mean with the room still looking lit(?)
In that case you only change the image in the window.
Easiest way is to just mark that part and darken only it. Increase the shadow vs highlights a bit and alter the brightness and contrast until you’re happy with the way it looks. The same method you’d use for a larger imag, only just for that part of the background. I know some newer programs has automatic filters for this kind of thing. I don’t know if pixlr does since I’m a PS girl (I use it for everything) but you could look into it.
You can also do the “cut and paste” way and simple borrow a part of a background that already has both a day and night view. The imprtant thing to remember is that you want the parts to be identical, so you can’t just use any picture, ita has to be the same for one and the same area cut.

If you just want a lit room to be dark when used as a background in Episode you can just add the overlay EFFECT DIM 60 or use filters to darken the screen. Filters can truly do wonders for the feel of a story.


Thank you again. You really helped me much!!

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I just wanted to ask something.
When you let the readers chose there names.
I know that if you want the name be spoken you say (NAME) but how can you get that with in the other chapters and stans above the speech bubbles?

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What’s your character script name?

When i type it it’s You and the name that comes on display is Zoey

I just can’t find how i must change it above the speech bubbles

Change your code to this one then:

input What’s Your Name?|What’s Your Name?|Done(YOU)



Hi, [YOU] how are you?

Okay I will try thank you

Hi, i did what you told but it still gives Zoey as name above the speech bubbles.
It’s so that the reader can change her name since episode 2

Delete all the naming part and copy and paste just this code

input What’s Your Name?|What’s Your Name?|Done(YOU)

let me know if it’s working :slight_smile:

Still don’t work.
That’s a bummer