Making the background myself. But how?



I found it.
When i made the character the display name was Zoey, but the script name was
And now I have changed the display name in You
And then when you chose the name that you want in the 2 chapter it change it also above the speech bubble.
But now my main character will be you in the 1 episode and a part from 2 until the readers chose their name


If that is what you want.
You can make the display name anything you want, as long as you remember to change the name inside the parenthesis in the changing name choice as well.
So say you make the display name ZOEY, like you originally had. Then you write ZOEY instead of YOU.

input What’s Your Name?|What’s Your Name?|Done(ZOEY)

Then everytime you write [ZOEY] in a text the name the reader has choosen will show. But never forget the brackets or it will just say ZOEY.
The code name will still be YOU.