Making the overlay face the opposite direction

Ok so I’ve seen a lot of talk about rotating overlays but I haven’t quite found the topic I’m looking for or at least anything that I understand. So what I would like to know is if I have and overlay that is facing left is it possible to get the overlay to face right without having to change it on an app and reupload it?

@overlay NAME rotates 180 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 0

Thank you so much

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Ok so i did what you said and now when i click on overlays on the phone app it shows as if i have no overlays although I can see them on the screen . Am i doing something wrong?
INT.EMPTY OFFICE 2 with INT.OFFICE DESK 4 to 1.116 548 -13 in zone 1 with INT.RED SOFA to 0.840 -281 72 in zone 3 with ELEVATOR DOOR 1 to 0.904 132 183 in zone 1 with ELEVATOR DOOR 2 to 0.900 126 183 in zone 1 with INT.LAPTOP 2 to 0.270 -0 131 in zone 3

@overlay INT.RED SOFA to layer -2

@overlay INT.OFFICE DESK 4 to layer 1

@overlay ELEVATOR DOOR 1 to layer -3

@overlay ELEVATOR DOOR 2 to layer -3

@overlay INT.LAPTOP 2 to layer 2

@overlay INT.LAPTOP 2 rotates 180 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 0

Do you see them on the wrong spot ?

no their in the correct spot but the laptop that I was rotating disappeared and its as if there’s no overlays

When you rotate overlayers their spots are changed too. Try to find required overlay by zooming out and locate it where it’s needed.

Ok I’m going to try now

Did it help?

The laptop disappeared and it no longer shows the scales for my overlays

Check out information on rotating overlays here:

As long as your overlay and people are in the right zone, everything should be fine. But for rotating it’s really about experimenting-trying different numbers that will give you the results you desire.

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These are just some helpful screenshots from the link that I provided above :wink:

Thank you so much