Making Video's for Episode. :)

Hi guys! :smiley:

So I used to make video edits back when I was a teenager which was years ago. I’ve been wanting to practice making videos with my story BUT, I don’t know how to record it in the first place. I have an iPhone 7 and a laptop to do my work. How exactly can I record my story to then edit in my laptop? Can anyone help me out?

I’ve pressed the “start recording” but it doesn’t work. :confused:

For me (I have an iPad), “start recording” only works in bursts. So I have to stop recording after a few seconds or it glitches. I’ve never been able to record the entire episode.
It won’t let you record at all?

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Hello @EliseC! :slightly_smiling_face:
It won’t let me record at all. I’ve deleted the app before and nothing changes so I really don’t know what to do anymore. And if it is recording then I don’t know where to find it at because it doesn’t appear on my gallery or downloads .:thinking: