Male and Female Character Height Issues! Can someone help?

Hey guys! I recently just started my story and while I was previewing it to see if everything looked good I noticed my female character is much taller than my male character and I find this strange, can someone help? :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I can help :blue_heart:
First I have a few questions:
-Are you using Ink or Limelight?
-Are you using the spot command or are you just using the “screen left, screen center, screen right” command?

Hey thank you so much! :purple_heart: I am using Limelight style and I am just using the basic character placements as of having no needs into using the spot directing quite yet.

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Got it. Well then let me just tell you that unless you use the spot command, the male will be a tad shorter than the female (mostly because of the hair lol). There’s not much you can do about it :confused:.
But if you use the spot command you can make your characters as y’all as you want.
(As seen in pics below)

Screenshots taken from my story LOBITA

I’m afraid your need just appeared. You can change the size of characters with the first number you use in spot directing. So if you want the female to look a bit smaller than the male, you’d have to slightly adjust the size of the character, like this:
@MALE spot 1.25 150 100 AND MALE faces right
@FEMALE spot 1.18 300 100 AND FEMALE faces left

How much of a difference you want is up to you, I just added in an example :slight_smile: . I personally used spot directing from the start, since I knew from the start that I wanted my stories to look as dynamic as I can manage them, in order to make reading them more enjoyable.



Aw! Thank you guys so much this was very helpful :heart_eyes:

You click on: directing helper while previeuwing the story.
Then you click: spot helper
You click: switch tool - Scale
Then you can adjust the height of the characters. How big they are, how tall they are, it’s easy!

how do you save it cause i do it and it wont save

When you’re on computer, just below the “preview” section is a box. When you resize them, you can just copy the text in that box and paste it into your story.

How do you add it into your story?
Where do you put it in the story?
Is it just one time and it remembers the heights or what?
I know people find this easy but I’m new here and taking me a hot minute to learn everything.

You put it in at the beginning of a scene, like where he/she’s standing.

@CHARACTER stands spot (and here you just copy all the numbers and everything that appears in the box.)

It doesnt save the height of your characters so you just have to do that yourself :))

If let’s say you want your male character (who is taller than the female) to walk side by side with the female to a spot in a background and still stay the same height at the spot, is it possible?

Yes. I made a guide on this called Spot Walking

Great thx!