Male and Plus sized clothing that should be on Generic women clothing

First thing first, I love the new PLUS SIZED QUEENS! Their bodies and clothing are amazing, Thank you so much episode!

Please do not take this forum the wrong way, I am very grateful for the non binary and plus sized clothing for everyone! :heart:

There are just some things on the males and plus sized clothing catalog that I would love to see on all 3 catalogs, here are some pictures:

Thank you for listening and again please don’t take the the wrong way, I am extremely grateful for what we have already.

Have an amazing Day! :heart:


Like I agree. I think they are made too just not release.

I know we should be gratefull for what we have




This should be in the feature suggestions section

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Thanks for the support!

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hey Sydney, when I try to make a request on that it’s saying I can’t is their any reason why?