Male Animation Help!

I’ve been looking for a specific male animation for a while now, and I can’t seem to find it. Since you can’t upload videos on here, I’ll try my best with screenshots.

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Hi @MadisonBlake

Like this imagine from INK Male in Art Catalog

animation name :talk_think

animation name: talk_neutral_think_loop

animation name: think

animation name: think_loop

choose which INK Male you looking for @MadisonBlake and you can find action in Art Catalog were you looks for INK Male

animation name: talk_awkward

is it one of these @MadisonBlake

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Hello! Thank you for responding. Sadly, it’s not one of those. It’s an animation i can’t seem to find in the catalog. I’ve uploaded screenshots if that helps!

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you’re welcome and oh :astonished: :hushed: I unterstand

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The animation is talk_suggest.

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Omg yes that’s it! Thank you!! :weary:

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