Male Animations

Hi, I’m currently using my phone to write my story so I can’t find the animations I want easily. Could anyone give me the name of these two male animations?:

One of them is sort of sarcastic, where the male has his hands together in front of him, and he’s kind of cross eyed?

The other is the the male is idle but places his hands on his hips whilst maintaining a neutral face.

Hopefully this makes sense,

Is this for Limelight or Ink?

Ink, sorry I forgot to clarify that.

They may be the end of talk_apathetic and the end of talk_handsonhips. Not sure. :thinking:

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Unfortunately, they’re not :frowning:
Thankyou for your help though! I’ll try and screeenshot them the next time I see them.

I’m gonna guess “talk_repulsed” for the first one and “shiftweight” for the second.

The second is shiftweight, thankyou!

Awesome! Can you give more detail for the first one? Like other than his eyes are crossed lol what face is he making?

He’s smirking and kind of rocking back and forth? lol my explanation is terrible I have no idea how to describe it, I’m trying to find a screenshot :joy:

I came across this post on Instagram of Christopher from TSB, and it is the exact animation I’m looking for :joy:

That is talk_hold_fist or idle_hold_fist I think. :thinking:

It is talk_happy_hold_fist, thankyou so much!

:joy::joy: he does look crossed-eyed


haha it is a very strange expression, but I like it a lot :joy:

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: