Male Arm Overlay

Hey guys

Ok so imagine you are at the movies and you’re on a date and your guy does the whole pretend to stretch and puts his arm around you. Now imagine that happening in Episode, is there anyone that can help me with an overlay please, I have seen some INK arms that have the gesture animation but even if I reverse it, it won’t match to the limelight character. Please and Thank you.

o shoot LL wait a moment skin tone?

Neutral 06

alright I have a question do you want and overlay from the back or the front

so like do you put you’re characters like this or the other way around ? or do you I want both

back of the character, so maybe I just need his hand since that might be the only thing showing

alright yeah then you only need the upper arm

something like this?output-onlinepngtools%20(1)
or only back

Yep that’s perfect, thanks

and another one I don’t need credit for it @Katie36

thank you so much. I like the last one. Is there a way I can click on it to download it to upload?


just tested right click then save image

Thanks, haha so simple, I am tired, it’s late where I live but I am on a roll haha. Thanks again.

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no problem xx