Male Characters Needed (LL)

Hii So basically I’m a very bad male character maker.

I would appreciate if anybody could help me with it?

Or possibly drop some characters down there I could use
Thank you!

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LL or Ink?

Limelight! And tysm!

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Name : Alec Silver
Body : Rose 03
Brows : Straight Medium Scar ; Colour : Black dark
Hair : Medium Taper Wavy ; Colour : Warm white
Eyes : Oval Wide ; Colour : Grey cool
Face : Triangle Chiseled
Nose : Straight Pointed
Lips : Small Heart ; Colour : Fair neutral matte

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Thank you!


I have a place for you to get characters. I have 8 regular adult males in here, I believe, but I can whip up many more for you super quickly! Just let me know!

Ok! Thank you can you send the link?

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Thank you!

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Does anybody else have any characters i can use?

I do
You need male right?


Okay hold on I’ll send you three

Skin- Gold 02
Brows- straight medium scar (deep brown)
Hair- messy undercut (brown black)
Eyes- sloping heavy lid (brown black)
Face- chiseled angular
Nose- hooked Grecian
Mouth- medium heart (neutral medium nude gloss)

I’ll send more in a min I have two more to send

Ok and thank you!!

Your welcome

Thank you!!

Thank Youuu

It’s ok! and plus I keep on making all my characters the same lol

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