Male Clothes not showing up in Classic

Am I the only one experiencing this issue? The Classic Preview for the outfits section isn’t working for male characters.
Moreover, the male clothes aren’t even showing up. I emailed Episode, but their best suggestion was to either post it here or write in Limelight. The problem is I have multiple classic stories that I’m working on and the option to delete them isn’t available. So I’d like to see if I can fix this issue, if it’s even fixable. Thank you in advance for any help.

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Also, before I get any unhelpful replies, I’m aware that Classic is no longer being updated. But since it’s available as an option, I do expect for their to be a way to fix the bugs or for the bugs to be fixed.


hmm sorry too say but it’s like you answered your question. :sweat_smile:

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So there’s no possible way to repair the bug or have it repaired?

You can submit a support ticket to let the team know and they will have better knowledge of whether it can or can’t be fixed.

That was the first thing I did but unfortunately all they told me was that Classic was no longer supported and that I should head over here to the forums to see if anyone could help me resolve the issue :frowning:

Usually you get a form message that tells you to check out the forums then someone from the team contacts you. I think you just got the form letter - when did you submit it?

Because, unfortunately, no one here can fix a bug that is in their system. The only possible thing anyone here could suggest is clearing your site cookies (found in your settings menu for your browser) for and reloading the site edit: or swap browsers to see if the site loads fully on another browser.

I submitted the ticket a couple of days ago and got a reply the following day. They also suggested I swap browsers, but I’m using a Chromebook, so that isn’t really possible. I just tried the cookies thing but unfortunately the same clothing items shown above in the screenshots are the only ones showing up for male characters. I guess I’m just going to have to archive my classic stories.

I’m not familiar with chromebook and my teen is at school so I’m sorry if this is a dumb question, but wouldn’t you just be able to go to Mozilla Firefox’s download, install and use?

Thank you to everyone that tried to help.

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I run a classic-based instagram group chat and a classic story bookclub on the app with writers and readers of the classic style, and I have received lots of people coming to me with the same issue. I told them to possibly try another desktop browser in hopes it works.

It sucks so much because there’s not many classic authors or readers left and it seem like there’s one issue after another. Something gets fixed then something else glitches. It’s really discouraging but I will be submitting tickets to episode every single day if I have to if it means something could change.

There seems to be people still publishing stories under classic so I’m really hoping this issue isn’t universal.


No. On Chromebook, unless you download Linux (which, mine doesn’t have the storage and RAM to do so), I’m afraid it’s not possible to use any other browsers except for Chrome because you’re using Google’s OS (Operating System).
Linux is a more open-source alternative but even that’s kind of hard to use unless you’re familiar with coding language (and like I said before, my cheap Chromebook can’t really run it, aha). And the only coding I’m any good at is the coding required to create a good story on Episode :sweat_smile:

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Oh wow. That sounds annoying. And now knowing that, I’m glad I chose to go with a gaming laptop instead of the chromebook I was looking at. lol I have to have options :joy:

Sorry that there’s not much to do about the clothing – and you said you cleared your browser’s cookies/site data right?

Yeah. I cleared and reset everything, but nothing’s working. It would probably be better if I could use another browser such as Firefox like you suggested. I have a birthday coming up in April so maybe I can get a new PC then.

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That’s not too far off :confused: sorry they couldn’t help you on their end. Good luck though!

Well, if you are looking for suggestions, I’ve never had an issue of my Nitro 5 laptop and I’ve had it for a couple years now. :slight_smile: It’s a gaming laptop but works amazing with editing software and all manner of programs. I’m not sure of the prices now because it is a few years old so you might even be able to find a discounted or referbished one relatively inexpensive :slight_smile:

im having the same issue. did you ever get a fix

Sorry for the belated reply! No, I did not. I hope it’s fixable, though, I thought it was just an issue with the Chromebook I had at first.

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Hey, I know there isn’t much that can be done now. But as an alternative…
I am thinking of creating a Classic Catalogue of outfit ideas? That way you can at least have outfit ideas for your characters. If it’s something current Classic authors would be interested in, I don’t mind doing it when I have the time.

I know you didn’t say you were having trouble viewing animations, but if you are or ever do, I do have a catalogue created where you can preview all the male/female animations. It’s available as a story on the app.
In the hopes it helps someone here’s a link:

I really hope the issues with Classic are fixed soon and I hope you continue writing in Classic.

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I’ve been having the same issue. I tried switching browsers, clearing cookies, restarting my computer, etc. Classic stories are my favorite to write and not being able to create outfits for my male characters is a huge problem. If any of you find a solution to this please lmk!

You can submit a support ticket but I’m not sure how quickly or even if they will be able to roll out a fix since the Classic style was two generations ago.