Male ink characters needed

Hello​:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t5: As the title suggests, I need some male characters for my INK story :grinning:
If you want to be a character in my story, please fill and post the form below! :point_down:t5:

My story is a Drama (title’s gonna be a secret :wink:). It’s kinda a package of action, cussing, violence, mystery… you name it. But, the story is mainly based on Family secerts

NOTE: You would certainly be a background character (as I’d rather not make your character do some choices or stuff which you wouldn’t di). But I can make you a mane character if you want just let me know

  • Forum Username:
  • INK Character Name:
  • INK Character Details:
  • Do You Want Him To Wear Accessories (such as glasses, tattoos, hats etc)?
  • Instagram or any other Social Media (optional)
    My IG:Cupcake.blossm if you have any questions or want to add anything the how they dress or act

Name: Wendall
Skin Tone: Ivory
Eyebrows: Thick Arch Athletic
Hair: Natural Curls + Platinum Blond
Eyes: Round Gentle + Black
Face Shape: Diamond
Nose: Bulbous
Mouth: Smirk + Blush
Clothing: Modest Male clothing
Extra: Is Muslim

Can you make him a main? If you can’t, then that’s fine.

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Yeah I can make him main

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INK Character Name: Ross
INK Character Details:
Do You Want Him To Wear Accessories (such as glasses, tattoos, hats etc)?
Instagram or any other Social Media (optional) @leslie.giselle04


Name: Caleb
Skin Tone: umber
Eyebrows: medium sharp
Eyes: round piercing (brown)
Face: defined triangle
Hair: short cropped (black)
Mouth: uneven (umber)
Nose: button
Accessories: none