Male ink stubble for adults only? Question


So I have two stories in the making, and teenagers in my stories have stumbled faces. Like this.

yes, the boy with the green jacket is a teen. It’s very normal for teen boys to have facial hair or even a bit of stubble, and I happen to like that face, but in most stories the teen boys have a thin face, like in the Shaw brothers both brothers face and new girl and etc. is it weird if I have teen characters that look like this, in other stories this stubble face is used to portray parents, and I don’t want the live interest in my story to look 55 yrs old. Help pls!


Well, it all depends on perspectives…

If you think teens should have facial hair (which I think too), put it in there! But be clear with the age, because some people can get confused. In most Episode stories, teen boys have defined triangle or diamond. Stubble is for teens :thinking: and parents :wink:


I use this face for my teenage characters and I don’t see a problem :smile:


Thank you!


Thanks :slight_smile: