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What would you think if somebody would use a male character as a main character. (Please tell me your opinion in the comments)


I honestly believe that some authors should actually give you a choice, as I do know that is very hard, though. Now, sometimes the Males are very complicated as most of the authors are girls so they don’t really know a guy’s perspective which would affect the story and how the readers see it as. But I support!


But, sadly, not many people enjoy reading a male main character ;(


I like a male MC POV. I find it interesting to read from a perspective that is a complete opposite of mine, and I think there must be a lot who agree because there’s a shelf dedicated to it atm


I think stories with a male MC are very interesting since most of us are girls and things seem so new and fascinating when you play as a guy. I made the MC of my story a guy and I was happy yet anxious because in order to write in a guy’s point of view, you need to put yourself in a guy’s shoes.


I hope we will see more and more stories with male MCs. I’m personally not a “girly girl” and I often realize I’m reading a story only because I like the love interest’s personality but I don’t even care about the MC who is too shy/too serious/boring or is interested in nothing but clothes. I know I’m not the average reader, since I only have male friends in real life but I don’t think I’m the only female reader who likes playing as a guy.
And although they are in minority, there are a few male users as well in the community. I feel so sorry for them that they have to go shopping and kiss other guys all the time :smile:


It’s quite interesting tho. However, bc the majority of authors are females so the male perspectives might not be exactly what males think and do. But I still support it :wink:


Support from fellow interested-to-play-male-MC fan. Some of my stories (I’m planning to write) even have male MCs


In order to make a male MC, it’d require you to have 2 versions of your story. I think it’d be a little easier and less complicated if you were to have 2 separate stories, a male and female one, instead of putting them in 1 story and reaching the line limit. Recreating characters and outfits would be a hassle, but at least you have more room to write.


Maybe some of us like kissing other guys all the time. :smirk:

In all seriousness though, it would be cool to read as a male MC more often, and not just because they’re the same gender as me. A lot of the time, the reason it’s more fun to play as a male character is because so many writers don’t bother developing their female characters beyond “feminine” stereotypes. Which is weird, because you’d think they’d know that women have personalities and thought processes that aren’t just about homework and boys.

More varied, complex main characters in general would make for better stories and make the character’s gender less important to the reader.


I agree, @purplezombieattack .


True, and I realized this right after I posted my comment…



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