Male MC or Gender Choices?

Evidences and surveys are not even needed to prove that majority of the stories in Episode have female protagonists, which I think is kind of fair enough if we consider that most authors are females as well. Usually, female authors are comfortable writing with a female main character since they can relate to them and it’s easy for them to understand the latter, and that probably is the reason… or I’m wrong.

In relation to this, I was just getting started on my first story in Episode when a thought popped up on my mind—would the Episode readers be interested in male main characters? Seeing the latter majority, I thought that some readers may have gotten used to seeing female main characters and will… well, get “weirded” out or something if they see one? My story is actually a story I’m writing in real life that I thought to write it on the app as well, and has a male main character.

But I thought that I should just adjust and let readers choose gender on their own. I actually have a few number of ideas and ways to implement gender choices, though I’m not really quite sure about them yet. One is to just change gender for the protagonist, and the other is to let them choose between protagonist and deutragonist (which is female). The former has two more choices, for the sake of love interests, which are to change the genders of the latter—which will lose the chance to have sexual diversity for the main character—or let them be as original to have sexual diversity—which, apparently, conflicts me because I’m no good at homosexual relationships for men and I wanted diversity. The second choice might just be because I’m too sticky to the original story. I’m afraid that people might choose the deutragonist instead and that’s all, lel!

Would you guys like to share your thoughts? : D Should I just stick to having male main character or let the readers choose their own gender?

I sincerely apologize if I offended you from somewhere above, I don’t mean to!

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If you are up for the whole coding/branching thing then I think a gender choice would be awesome!
But I would say go for the male main character, we need more good stories with male MCs (that aren’t male just for the sake of it and it makes the story actually different from female MC stories)


I think you should just stick to a male MC, we don’t have a lot of stories like that. A lot of people don’t mind it, and coding a gender choice is complicated anyway.


@IAmEms and @idiot.exe, thank you so much! I’ve resolved the confusions and conflicts in my mind, and it looks like I’m gonna be sticking to a male MC! Thanks again!


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