Male option in y'all stories

Hello I’m new! And I was wondering if all y’all writer’s can make a male option in y’all stories where we can pick our genders male or female I really think it should be a male option in all Episode Stories so males can play episode too I really feel like they should be a male option in all Episode Stories I be wanting too play Episode but u have too play as a female I want too play as a male Anybody Agree?


I know a few good authors that have Male MC as an option (I have to find them first), and I know lots of other ppl in the community have good recommendations. I’ll come back with a few of my fave stories

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Ok Thank You!

You can check out Lost in New York by Nettie, there’s a choice for a male MC


I will check it out! Is it new

I think it came out in September 2020, there are a lot of featured authors and other characters from different stories in the story, also advanced coding, its a really good story, there’s one more chapter she’s gonna release

Thanks for letting me know!

You can check out these stories!
1)The Ten by Tal Gordin
2)Ten steps to her door by nelles
3)Top designer by Rocky


I completely agree - as a result, all stories I make in the future will have the option to choose their gender. :grin:

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Thanks :pleading_face:

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Dirty boy is played as a male.


I’ll check it out thxx :pleading_face::black_heart:

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It is becoming more common for authors to include a gender choice for the MC In community stories, but at the end of the day it’s a lot of cishet women writing cishet stories for cishet readers, most of whom are girls or women. I don’t see that changing on a wide scale. That being said, I too appreciate the opportunity to play as a male character and always choose a male avatar when there is a choice. There are more stories with male MCs, if not a gender choice, than you might think.

Here’s a thread with male MC or choose gender stories:


You can check out Twelve by @/molly247

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I love Dirty Boy!!!

As a writer, I can say that it’s not impossible but hard. If we give a gender option, we have to a whole lot of branching. And then you have other things like art scenes, covers, narrations. So each and every scene would change


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I’ve been considering a male branch, but I already have a lot of complex branching so adding an additional branch would give me a headache and slow down the process of publishing because I’d have to change the spotting, outfits, overlays, dialogue, pronouns, scenes and get those branches tested too to make sure they work before I can press the publish button.


My story Riptide has a Male MC!

In general, all of my stories read views from both male and female protagonists. (So you’d read both perspectives).

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I will check it out! thanks

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