Male or female MC? [POLL]

I’ve been plotting a new story recently since my current one is coming to a close, and I’m debating on whenever this one should have a male or female mc. Here’s the current description, written for a girl mc:
When Liron is institutionalized after a suicide attempt, she learns that mental wards are very different from what she thought- in some ways good, other ways bad.

I have some pros and cons for each gender, but I’m an indecisive fucker and I need some feedback.

Pros for a male mc
-pretty uncommon
-I feel like the actions and dialogue in the story would fit a guy more traditionally, in my humble onion
-boys are often portrayed in media having to do with mental illness as having to “tough it out”, or not go seek therapy/help in general if they feel like they have a mental disorder. So, y’know, power to the writers, overthrow the patriarchy, all of that

Cons for a male mc
-there’s another (really inaccurate) story about being mentally ill that has a male mc, and some people have already gotten on my ass about my current story plagiarizing that story purely because the main characters are both schizophrenic (plus the creator of that story has beef w/ me). I don’t like having beef and I feel like making a story that has another similarity to this one story is going to fuel the fire. This might just be me being a pussy though
-the majority of readers on episode are girls and unless I portray the mc as a ~flaming hot bad boy~ some people like playing exclusively as a girl and would click off the story

Pros for a female mc
-exact opposite of the last point I just made
-imo the ink girl characters look better
-the dialogue is pretty much not stereotypical at all, tooooo many stories I’ve read had the mc girl act pretty ditzy, this would be totally lost if I made the mc a guy however

Cons for a female mc
-none, really

You can comment any extra thoughts you have, if any.

  • Male MC
  • Female MC

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I know it would be annoying to code but, choice of gender? Thus you have both

Oh yeah, I’ve definitely been thinking about that- I’d probably have to get a buddy to recode all the animations since that’d be a pain. Although, a lot of readers on episode are girls so it would be kind of fruitless since the majority would just pick one side, y’know?

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True, that’s also something to consider

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I think a male one might be more unique than the stories I currently read, where all MCs are females.

yeah, that’s my main motive for making a male mc, especially considering that both of the two stories I’ve done have female mcs

In tv and movies people are wanting more female main characters, here people want more male main characters. You just can win