Male or Female protagonist?


I just joined the Episode community and am excited to start my first story. I see that most stories have female protagonists. Would you read a story with a male main character?

Thank you xox


Yes I would :hibiscus:


Thank you for your opinion xox


Yup and I am planning to write a story from a male perspective myself. My first story I wrote (scrapped idea) was written from the eyes of a male.


Thank you xox
I will read that story later


Ah thank you - I have a few teasers of it haha and I would love to check your story out!


Thank you, I will tell you when it will be out :slight_smile:

Have a great day xox


You too and all the best!


My first story had a male MC so YAYAYAYAYA


I see ^^


I would read it.


For sure! I’m currently writing my first story with a male protagonist too!


A female protagonist would be cool.


and your story sounds awesome so yeah i would most likely read it.