Malibu High for the Gifted (Sign Up Thread!)


Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to the high school for the gifted, Malibu High. Please come to the address attached below!

RP Information: You ever feel like your talents aren’t being recognized? Well, here, they will be! Join hundreds of other students, who are selected for their talents. Be it music, art, acting, or just being really smart, you’ll be recognized! You make the character, you develop them. Will they be kind and generous? Spoiled rotten? Or something else entirely? It’s your call!

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Tagging people who might be interested!

Of course, you aren’t obligated. I’m just bringing it to your attention.


Hey I’m here reserving a boy




Maybe I’ll join later


Reserve a boy…






I’ll update the faceclaim things when I can.



Reserve for a male and female

Edit: I signed up for them both


Alright. I’m back home. I can use my pc now. Time to do things! And get this going.


Parker Jones is up


Kat is up.
Kalani is up.


Signed up! :blush:


Thanks. I’ll add you shortly. I need food.


Lol, don’t we all? :joy:




Alright. Food is doing the cook.
I’ll get to your characters. :smile:


All characters are up.


Not that kinda gifted. We don’t have powers. Sorry.