Maliyah’s cover art -Open-

I’m back and ready to make covers!

Here is 1 example:

(I didn’t bother to highlight or add shadows, lol. That was rushed, but I do much better for requests, haha)

Please specify backgrounds, characters, and poses below. (Wait time 1- 2 hours)

Hey, can you do one for me please?

Sure! Go ahead and state your request!

Can I get a banner that says Happy birthday

Sure! Do you want any characters on it? If so screenshot them and send it to me…

I need it to have thesse overlays in it

also no characters

Okay! Any preferred background?


Gotcha! I’ll have it done soon!

Here ya go @linalilly10 ! I was going to add confetti but I didn’t want to make you wait long… hehe.

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It’s an ink story.
The story’s desc is: When Lorenzo is sick and tired of the lies everyone has been feeding about his beloved Piper’s death, he takes matters into his own hands to investigate upon her death. The one who killed her is smart, but he is smarter. All will stop him from discovering the truth. However, after he risked everything he cherishes to find out what really happened to his lover, he later uncovers the deep dark truth.
But Could That Change?

It’s mood is like gloomy and sad. Add some cast shadow.

These are the characters; Lorenzo is the MC.

Lorenzo (MC, can you change it to make him wear something professional like a suit/tux,etc…)

I want Piper in the back sad and all and Lorenzo in the front in between Ava and Rachel, smirking and being flirtatious and Ava and Rachel, one is either on the left/right of Lorenzo and the other one is on the other side of him flirting and blushing and being all “lovey-dovey.”

I’d like a small and big cover & for my insta to show @episode_lyn

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Oh and this is the same person.

Ava (Love Interest)


Rachel (Love Interest)





What is the title?

Avenge Her

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Can you screenshot the guys character information?

the eyebrows is thin arch
the hair is modern Pompadour (color: black)
eyes is round piercing (color: blue)
face is defined triangle
nose is button
lips are uneven in shade terracotta
Skin color:


Okay can you add the tux? I haven’t time, it’s late here.