Maliyah’s Splash/intro Art!

Ok ok, as some of you know, I’m Maliyah. I’m new, but I’ve been here before.

So before I made these cool series of images that you insert into a story, frame by frame. It creates a cool moving effect.

I can do this easily, within less than an hour.

Request information:
Color theme
Character (optional)
Other details

Let me know, and it should be done pretty fast! Thanks


Do you have an example of one you made?

I definitely need some splashes, may I see an example?

Pm me

Pm me

Hello can I request for the splash?

Background: Dance shoes
Wording: please turn up your volume!
Color theme: red/ dark
Other details: can the shoes be kinda like floating? Like under it can it be a shadow.

Sure thing! May I just ask do you want tap shoes? Or ballet slippers, etc?

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high heels

@Jeremy please close this…

Closed as per Op request.