Mal's Quick Clothing Request Thread (OPEN)

Hi guys. It’s Mal

I wanted to tell everyone that I’ll be opening a clothing thread where I create outfits for anyone in need. I have a form if you would like to request any outfits. Also, I have a doc of example outfits for Limelight and Ink. In my opinion, I’m better at Ink then Limelight, but I am still willing to do Limelight if needed. When you want to request just pm me, fill out the form, and comment " I requested an outfit" or something similar. You can request as many outfits as needed.


  1. Make sure you give me credit where credit is due.

  2. Don’t request an outfit if you aren’t going to use it.

  3. Please tell me if you need me to change anything in your outfit/s.

  4. Please be patient with your request. I will have it done by the date given to me.

  5. Golden Rule

Here is the link to the doc:

Here is the form link:

I hope I can be of assistance to anyone.

-Mal :blush:


Did u change since if the outfits from episode or make them yourself?

I make outfits from the catalog on episode interactive.

So u r like a fashion designer?

I guess you can say that

Looks cool! Do you mind if I put this on our linktree on instagram for @Episode-Royalty


No, I don’t mind at all.

Submitted a request!

Your examples look beautiful!


Thank you so much.

Submitted a request !