-malukah's outline contest!-


Entering! Lemonade




These are AMAZING!

I’m eager to get to the end!!!


I love the hair your did amazing.


Love this, beautiful.


This is amazing.


Thank you :heart:


Thank you. :kissing_heart:


Definitely joining :heart_eyes: LEMONADE


I hope this isn’t too late!



Here my entry! I really really hope you like it. The prize is to get an edit from you so I tried my very best!:heart:

Thank you soooooooo much for making this outline contest again.



Like, where do I buy this jacket?!


OMG, THANK YOU!! That is such an honor coming from you.
You mean the vest? I drew it and then I added the pattern.


I would like to join the contest too ! I really love your work :blush:

I spent my whole afternoon on it but finally, my first outline contest entry is done ! So, Lemonade !


Oof, that style of urs is just oof :scream:


Thank you :blush: It’s the first edit I ever completed. I never drew digitally before so I was really slow :sweat_smile: