-Malukah's Tutorials Thread!-


Thanks a lots!


Realistic Painting tutorial done guys!


Omg its so helpful! How is this even possible omg :astonished:


Thank you so much for this! This is amazing :heart_eyes:


What app is this? P.s this is beyond amazing I honor you


Do you do commissions? I’d be willing to pay! If not, I understand


You can just PM me :heart:


Lol, thanks

I don’t use any apps, I use PaintToolSai, but the app that gets really close to PaintToolSai is IbisPaint, in which has the same blend modes and features.




Do I need a pen for this or can I use my finger


Having a pena helps, but you can use your finger, you just need to get the hang of it

Ibis has a feature that stablelizes your brush.


Can I request someth Not? Or do you not do requests?




How do you change opacity?


Ear tutorial guys!


Can you also add tutorials for the clothings?
Btw, I luv this thread!:heart_eyes:


Do you have hair tutorials? You’re just AMAZING!!!


Another tutorial is out guys!




Can I ask what app you do use?