Mama's Story Reviews (CLOSED) just because school started



ugh… people.:roll_eyes:




that’s just mean. and second she was supposed to give you a feedback and not to say negative thing about the story


Thank you so much! And choices do Matter :slight_smile:


@ZADDY if your going to tell a story then tell the whole story not just parts.


This is for your first story…Love’s a Game

Grammar (10/10)

Coding (10/10)
I have never played that version before but tbh I liked it a lot and would read more stories like it

Plot (10/10)
I like your story a lot! I like the game idea and how that one incident pushed her to go on the game show. I do have one question? Is the game hosted where they live because why would the side chick from the show be there…Like is her Ex-boyfriend rich or something because if he was that that would explain a lot.:slightly_smiling_face:



Thank you so much for the review. I hadn’t really thought about the ex much, but maybe now I will!


The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: The mermaid’s love

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Do you want me to review the story or just read it and pass it on?


Hey, I was just wondering if my request had been accepted? I am not rushing you, just wondering because I didn’t get a respond


I’m sorry…I just been working slow

But I will get it done today :blush:


Oh that’s okay, don’t worry. I was just wondering! :slight_smile:


I’m finishing all the story review that I need to do and they will be done today…The after that I CLOSE for THIS WEEK till next Monday…I’m starting school this week so I don’t want people to wait for me to review there story Soooo…Don’t send any till Monday…That will be appreciated thanks


Grammar (10/10)

Coding (10/10)
Your coding is really good in this story.I loved how you let us see the background of all the brothers and all the choices

Plot (10/10)
I personally like your story a lot, same with the looks of the characters. I don’t think you should change anything really because the plot is there and the story makes sense.I will read on but I really want to know.,…Is the fairy and the mom somehow connected or are they like just friends or something like that…Sorry you don’t have to tell me :upside_down_face:


Aww this made me smile so much! Thank you!

Do you mean Mintyfloss and Kendall’s mom?

They only know each other because Minty got into trouble for stealing a pendant. But they ended up being friends


Sorry for the wait


Coding (10/10)
:+1::+1::+1:…Your character is really funny and should be in the story more

**Plot (9/10)
I like the concept of this story a lot but I was a little confused on the age of the characters.Are they in 7th grade or in a higher grade because if there in 7th well in America 7th grade is middle school and middle is 10-14 years old…Which is really young but I don’t really know how the Australian schools work so sorry.


I put a disclaimer on the first episode that grade 7-12 is classified as high school in Australia. It’s the same as in America based on age, but middle school does not exist here. :slight_smile:

So I understand the confusion.

Thanks for the review btw!! :heart:




That’s crazy :open_mouth: …Thats to many kids in one school sorry but that so weird to me


Hey, I was wondering if you have had the time to look at my story. I sent the link in a pm a while ago :slight_smile: If you rather have me send a request again, I can do that :slight_smile: