Man Limelight Customization, HELP! 😭

Guys, I keep on coming up with this problem:

Help please? I got it from this website:

Help please! I really need to do this customization for the boy! I delete it, than it says “No eyebrows called Round Thick exists!” than no round thin! And so on until all the eyebrows are gone!

Did you create a character named “BOY”? Because that error message only pops up when the system does not recognize the character name.

Eh yes…

The only reason why anyone gets that error message with any cc template is when the character name is misspelled or the character name you entered does not exist.

Oh, that;s why so all I need to do is change the name?

Yes, either create a character named BOY or change all the BOY’s to a character that you have already created.

I changed it to NAMEM but it still happens!

If you’re going to change the name, you need to make sure you have created a character with that name, meaning you went to the character creator in the portal and made a new character with said name. Just changing the name in the script will not work if that character does not exist.

Oh, okay, I’ll try that

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