Manna's Help Thread: For coding, directing and more

I am here to lend a helping hand to all those who face difficulties with coding on Episode.

For a quick reply, DM me on Instagram: @manna.episode

I can help with:

  • How to increase the visual appeal of your scenes
  • Simultaneous Directing
  • Spot Directing
  • Zooms and Pans
  • Labels and gotos
  • Gains and Point System
  • Transitions
  • Choices
  • Overlay Animation
  • Dressing Games
  • Using Filters
  • Changing hair and lipstick colors
  • Changing colors of choice bubbles
  • Animations
  • Text Effects
  • If, elif and else coding
  • Spotlight Mode

Just comment below what you need help with.
NOTE: Remember to post the part of your script you are facing errors with. Also comment if you are viewing your story in the app or the web previewer.

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@Manna hello! I was wondering how you get bruises on a character? Like how Cade is bruised? Isn’t that an overlay?

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I have 2 problems:
#1 I can’t find the coding for putting a prop in the scene. I gave my bad guy the animation to point a gun but can’t figure out how to put it in his hand.
#2 I keep following the guides directions on getting my characters to run, jog etc. when they enter exit or just walk across the screen but it keeps up error. Is there typo in the guide or something?
This is one of the ways I’ve tried coding it and I got error messages
&ANDRE runs to spot 0.700 -87 216
&EMILY runs to spot 0.690 -297 227
What do I do? Please and thank you.

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I believe you have to do @add prop to CHARACTER or in this case @add Gun to ANDRE or something

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This is in answer to the running part, instead of using @CHARACTER runs to spot X Y Z, you use:

@CHARACTER walks to spot X Y Z in seconds AND CHARACTER is animation

So as an example:

@LILY walks to spot 0.983 37 29 in 1 AND LILY is run_athletic

I hope this helped!

Hello @Manna!

I was just wondering, about text effects.

Let’s pretend I made a character say, “Hello, I’m Andrew. Nice to meet you!” And I wanted the second sentence to be in italics. I would put | italic | before “Nice”.
In the web previewer it looks totally fine. However when testing on my phone there is a large gap between Andrew and Nice.
I tried putting that “no space” command or whatever it’s called, but then there is NO space even though grammatically there should be one between the period and the word Nice.
Are you able to help me with this? If so, thank you very much!

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That is just a weird thing the app does because of how it stretches the italics. There is no way for you to remove the gap.


#1) @add PROP to CHARACTER will add the prop and @remove PROP from CHARACTER will remove the cup. The character must be somewhere on the screen to add and remove props (they can be out of view, but they can’t have exited).

#2) Like @amelianelson said, switch run for walk with a time and add the run action. You can however keep the & as long as you have something after them. To run when entering or exiting, just add the and CHARACTER is run_jog or something of that nature.

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@MissCherish It’s a face for males. Something like Cade (Bruised) in faces when customising a character. I think to add it you do it like when changing a characters hair style. Hope this helps! <3

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No it isn’t an overlay. It is a face shape. So you will have to type this:
@CHARACTER changes face into Cade Bruised

  1. Your solution to the first problem is the code.
    @add Handgun to CHARACTER
    (Handgun is used for INK. The prop name might be something else for LIMELIGHT. You can find the name on the right column of your chapter under props.)

  2. To make a character run you have to use either spot direction with the code you are using like:
    @CHARACTER runs to spot x y z

Or I use this code at most times:
@CHARACTER walks to screen right and CHARACTER is run_jog

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it. It is how italic works. It’s probably something that Episode needs to sort out. However it might depend on the speechbubble theme you are using. I am curently using the Purple one. And I haven’t noticed a lot of difference in it. But I feel it might affect in the Pink or Blue them.

God yes thank you so much, it’s been driving my nuts for weeks trying to figure it out, I’m going to try it right now lol.

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No problem😄. Happy to help. I can understand. I spend hours and sometimes even days figuring out what might be go wrong with my direction. I totally understand.

While we’re talking I got some advice from mikayas.episode about png’s for overlays, I googled some genic images I’d like to try but how do I get them onto episode to try them in my story


Go to the side of one of your scripts and scroll down to overlays. Then click on the overlay catalog link. Click the overlay drop down and select Uploaded to YOUR Account. Then you can click on Select Image to download any PNG image below 1mb. Name it, then you can use it in your script.

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You guys are awesome, thank you so much


Hello, I’m needing help with a couple things.

  1. When you have readers choose the characters looks. How do you change the whole family (skin, hair color, etc)?

2)How do you save the choices above to the following episodes?

3)Kinda same as #2, How do you save outfit choices to following episodes?

Thank you


does anyone know how to make characters lie down in lime light script I have been trying to figure this out for so long and cant find it anywhere
the background is INT. PHILADELPHIA BEDROOM - DAY someone any one please help I have tried so hard but am completely lost the only help I can find is for ink and do not work for limelight

It is for the beginning of the script so there is no error I just don’t know how to do this

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I’m not much help. But Joseph Evans has some on youtube that helps me. I think this one is laying down in limelight.