Manna's Help Thread: For coding, directing and more

Thank you and sure I would like to know your advice :slight_smile: Also how do you fade out music

Well when spotting a CHAR here’s how I do it.

Let’s say the CHAR is in zone 1

@CHAR spot 1.280 200 0 AND CHAR faces right

Here’s what I do to get them to zone 2 while the screen follows them:

&pan to zone 2
@CHAR walks to spot 1.280 500 0 in 2

(500 will put the character into the next zone.)

And actually already posted something about sound fade outs:

Thank you :smile:

I want a car to move with a person inside it how would I do that with the character staying in the car while it moves

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Do you need it right now? I’m just making thread how to make it :slight_smile: if you can wait… :slight_smile:

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INT. BACKGROUND - DAY with CAR OVERLAY to s x y in zone 2 at layer 3
&CHARACTER spot s x y in zone # at layer 2 AND CHARACTER faces left
@cut to zone 2

&CHARACTER walks to spot s x y in (# of seconds) AND CHARACTER faces left AND CHARACTER does it while idle
@overlay CAR OVERLAY shifts to x y in zone 2 in (# of seconds)

Adjust the time according to your needs I usually keep the timing for both of it the same and it works. But sometimes you need to decrease the time, suit it to yourself.

How do you make the zone shake? Like in some episodes when someone screams, the screen shakes? Whats the template for that?

There is no specific template you need to use for a shake.
You need to use multiple zooms timing them.

 @zoom on x y to % in 0.1 
 @zoom on x2 y2 to % in 0.1 
 @zoom on x3 y3 to % in 0.1

You can adjust the time and coordinates as you like it. If you want a horizontal shake only then change the x coordinate. If you want a vertical shake then change the y coordinate.

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Thank you @Manna !! This really helps, because I have a character screaming in my story, and the shaking screen makes it all dramatic and great! :joy:

And while I am here, how do you make speech bubbles bigger and smaller and in specific places?

Hii! You use the app for help. As seen in the image below:

Taken from my story LOBITA

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Thank you! :grin:


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Yea I can

thank you so much :slight_smile:

How do you shift a character?

Like without them walking?


They did it once in valor woods if you ever read that story