Manna's Help Thread: For coding, directing and more

It works the same in limelight too. It is only the animation names and animations that vary. So you will have to find the appropriate animation you wish to use.

How do I stop my characters from popping into the scene? The background loads before they do :confused: ??

&CHAR stands ________ in zone ___

AH HAAAAAA!!! didn’t realise you had to put the zone in!! thaaaaanks!!

I need help; My first scene is on the beach, where I want my limelight character to wear some beach clothes. So how do I change the clothes off-screen before my character enters?
2. What are spots? I have heard everyone say that @CHARACTER moves to spot XYZ in zone X.

Change her before the background
@CHARACTER changes into outfit_name

For spot directing have a look here

And here

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Thanks a ton @Apes

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Also, how do I make him face different directions? I got him to move where I want, but how do I make him face left?
2. How do I make a person enter from the right to the upscreen left (back left side)?
Sorry, I just started and it’s a bit confusing

@CHARACTER faces left
@CHARACTER faces right

@CHARACTER enters from right to upscreen left

And it’s alright :grin: ask, we’re here to help :slight_smile:

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HI! I am working on my first story and I can’t seem to get the Simultaneous Directing correct… Can you maybe help me? This is what is going on right now:

DO (laugh_chuckle)AND MORGAN (idle)

thank you!

@DO is laugh_chuckle AND MORGAN is idle

Thankssss <3 @Apes

I want to show two people sitting in a car, how should I do so?
My background is EXT. CITY HIGHWAY - DAY
Any car is fine

You have to add the car in and the behavior to spot the characters inside of the car. Here’s a guide on spot directing:

How do you make choices matter?

Here’s a guide by the trustworthy @Dara.Amarie that explains how to have past choices remembered:

HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

thank you!! I tried this before but it didn’t work. it told me that @DO is not an appropiate directing command. It works now though :slight_smile:

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At times the portal may create an error when there is none. Just try refreshing the page.

I need help please!

What help do you require?

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