Manna's Help Thread: For coding, directing and more

@DO is laugh_chuckle AND MORGAN is idle

Thankssss <3 @Apes

I want to show two people sitting in a car, how should I do so?
My background is EXT. CITY HIGHWAY - DAY
Any car is fine

You have to add the car in and the behavior to spot the characters inside of the car. Here’s a guide on spot directing:

How do you make choices matter?

Here’s a guide by the trustworthy @Dara.Amarie that explains how to have past choices remembered:

HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

thank you!! I tried this before but it didn’t work. it told me that @DO is not an appropiate directing command. It works now though :slight_smile:

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At times the portal may create an error when there is none. Just try refreshing the page.

I need help please!

What help do you require?

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So, I am trying to place an overlay in a specific place, and I have this INT.AMERISROOM with FIREBALL to -146 172. But it comes up as an error. How do I fix it? :thinking:

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Thanks a ton :kissing_heart: @RudeInception

This is how you need to write the code:

IT. AMERISROOM with FIREBALL to 1.000 -146 172

You need to add the scale too in front when adding your overlay with the background.

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Trying to get my character to eat pizza and cupcakes please!

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There are animations for that. Check in the animations list you should find them. No props are required. It’s usually eat _ pizza or idle_eat_pizza. Same with cupcakes.

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Okay thanks! :grin:

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No problem😊

Thank you! :relaxed:

You’re welcome.

I want my character to be seated in a car. However, the only car overlay that can be used to show that people are sitting inside is CAR SIDE PINK because it is an open car, so the characters can be placed inside. I want to show my characters in another car and from the side view only, so what should I do?
And also, is it possible that we can rotate the view of the angle of the car which people see? Like I want my readers to see the characters sitting in the car from the front view, but there’s no such overlay
And also, I want to pan to zone 3 and another car moves in, how do I show the car coming from the right towards the left and how do I add the overlay after the pan is done?

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