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I want my character to be seated in a car. However, the only car overlay that can be used to show that people are sitting inside is CAR SIDE PINK because it is an open car, so the characters can be placed inside. I want to show my characters in another car and from the side view only, so what should I do?
And also, is it possible that we can rotate the view of the angle of the car which people see? Like I want my readers to see the characters sitting in the car from the front view, but there’s no such overlay
And also, I want to pan to zone 3 and another car moves in, how do I show the car coming from the right towards the left and how do I add the overlay after the pan is done?

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Firstly, it is definitely possible for you to add characters to any car. You just need to layer the characters. You can use these codes:
@overlay CAR moves to layer 3
@CHARACTER moves to layer 2

The greater number of layer will be over the lesser one.

Secondly, I understand how you want to rotate an overlay but that is not possible. Overlays are 2 dimensional images with transparent backgrounds. They aren’t in a 3 dimensional format. However, you can find an overlay of the from view of the car and upload it to use it.
Thirdly, I am kind of lost at this point where you say you want the car to move in and pan. But I ll explain to you how you can try it. Have your car placed off screen where you like and then use these codes:
&overlay CAR shifts to x y in 3 in zone 3
@pan to zone 3

You can get the x and y coordinates under the previewer.

To add an overlay in the middle of the scene:

@overlay CAR creates
@overlay CAR scales to s s
@overlay CAR shifts to x y
@overlay CAR opacity 1

S is the scale which can be found under the previewer. All of these commands need to be added or it won’t work.

For adding characters, use:
@CHARACTER spot xy xx yy in zone y
@pan to zone y

Thanks a lot, but what I really need help with is
How do I pan to zone 3 and then add an overlay in zone 3 after the pan?
And if possible, how do I make the overlay move from off screen to screen centre or something?

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And what is the difference between shifts and scales here?

Here’s a guide by the awesome @Dara.Amarie on overlays animation:

Also, shifts means the overlay placement while scales means the overlay size

Thanks <3

I’m working on my story on my lap top and I’ve tried going back to my phone a couple times to check some things but my script story isn’t updating on my phone. I’ve tried resetting it, tried hitting “update scrip,” there’s no new updates or anything, any ideas?

I would send a support ticket :thinking:

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thanks girl

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How do you change a background while my character is still on screen. I wanted my character to enter a living rooom and the background is a closed door I wanted to change it into the background with an open door how do i make my charcater stay on screan?

Halloooo!!! Quick question. For 1 of my stories… I am using a Background Loop. Is it possible to make the loop not so fast? Like, can i make it turn it down a notch??

Hi! Maybe have some transitions there? Like, zoom in on the doorknob… have a transition, then change the background to what you want?

@transition fade out black in 2
@transition fade in black in 2

then zoom out. :slight_smile:

Are you using your own background or episode one?

&CHARACTER stand screen center etc.

&CHARACTER stand screen center etc.

Keep the character in the same position and use & and just switch the background, I tested myself :slight_smile: it works perfectly!


An Episode one… Umm, EXT. LOOPING JUNGLE PAN - DAY

I was just wondering if I could keep it from looping too fast but if not, that’s fine. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, you can’t :frowning:

Awhhh bummer, good to know! Thanks for the info ^^


I need help with the mirror reflection code because it’s not turning out right for me. Here’s what I have:
INT. FANCY BLUE BATHROOM- DAY with MIRROR to 0.676 39 330 at layer 2

@cut to zone 2

@RAIN2 spot 0.958 158 204 in zone 2 at layer 3 AND RAIN2 faces left AND RAIN2 starts rear

@RAIN3 spot 0.958 184 200 in zone 2 at layer 1 AND RAIN3 faces left AND RAIN3 starts idle_sad