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No, nothing happened by changing @ to & @RudeInception
Before, I could see the overlay, but now somehow it’s stopped appearing

Try previewing it on the phone app. Sometimes the web previewer is glitchy

Okay, I’ll try

It came on the web previewer! Thanksssss

Hey, I was wondering if I can make an overlay move? As in, I want the car to enter from the right to spot x y

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Yes you most definitely can make an overlay move.
The following article should help you explain how to go about it.
A Guide to Animating Overlays

Thanks <3

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Okay, so I want to insert a cover art after my episode ends, how do I insert it?

Upload the image as a background and then add it as a background to your story!

Okay, thanks! And do you know users who make cover arts and art scenes?
Also, they are saying that an episode can’t end with a scene change…

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You need to add a pause after the scene change. I am sorry I am unaware of artists who make it but you can try posting it on the forum and some artist may get back to you!


Why am I getting this messages?

Can you send me an image of the part of the script where this error is? Like will have an x mark. You can find it out by clicking on the error. Just send me an image. I will be able to spot it.
It is likely have a name or something withing a dialogue or its not typed properly.

Alright so for Here is song six, you forgot to add a character name above it. So basically no speech bubble will be formed. Just add the characters name or narrator above it and you should be good to go. About the Table one I believe you haven’t created that character which is why it is in red.

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Okay thanks about the car and pictures above?

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Just check your character placement. If all your codes are ok and the character still won’t show, remove the character placement and save it. Then add it again. And save. It should do. I don’t know what the exact problem is but I too was facing it. I did the same and changed the y coordinate number by 2-3.

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How do I add a pause?

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Dumb question how do I do that I am a newbie to writing this is my 1st story by the way!

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@pause for a beat
@pause for 3

Change the number if seconds for however long you want to pause!

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