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I found the error in your code. Remove the โ€œinโ€ after the set hsl. And you should be good to go.


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I need help coding my overlay to fly out
Like in the scene the character is shooting powers

Like fly out of the scene or at someone?

out of the scene

So this is the code to create an overlay:

@overlay NAME create
@overlay NAME scales to s s 
@overlay NAME shifts to x y in zone #
@overlay NAME opacity 1

Now to move your overlays and use this:

@overlay NAME shifts to x y in 3 in zone #

Remember to play around with time and opacity of the overlays like how they appear and how they shoot. How fast they are.


sorry to be a pain but where do you get the scaling? I check overlay helper but there is just shifting

Directing Help > Overlay Helper
On the left you get the Move button. Click it and it will give give you the scale button and allow you to scale.

@Manna my story is published , I hope youโ€™d like to read it .

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How do I make it look like a character is flying? Or being pushed?

To make a character fly you need to use the lay awake animations. Scale the character so it is facing downwards. You scale should be in negative. Use a looping background or spot direct your character to show they are flying.

To push a character you need to spot direct then close to each other. Layer them correctly using
@CHAR moves to layer #
For INK I use the talk_neutral_deny animation for the person who is pushing and and for the character being pushed you can give them the expression the like. Spot direct them to the place to place you want to move them to.
@CHAR walks to spot s x y in time AND CHAR does it while talk_neutral_deny

Thanks :slight_smile: I will try it!
Does this also work for limelight?

It works the same in limelight too. It is only the animation names and animations that vary. So you will have to find the appropriate animation you wish to use.

How do I stop my characters from popping into the scene? The background loads before they do :confused: ??

&CHAR stands ________ in zone ___

AH HAAAAAA!!! didnโ€™t realise you had to put the zone in!! thaaaaanks!!