Manna's Help Thread: For coding, directing and more

I need help; My first scene is on the beach, where I want my limelight character to wear some beach clothes. So how do I change the clothes off-screen before my character enters?
2. What are spots? I have heard everyone say that @CHARACTER moves to spot XYZ in zone X.

Change her before the background
@CHARACTER changes into outfit_name

For spot directing have a look here

And here

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Thanks a ton @Apes

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Also, how do I make him face different directions? I got him to move where I want, but how do I make him face left?
2. How do I make a person enter from the right to the upscreen left (back left side)?
Sorry, I just started and it’s a bit confusing

@CHARACTER faces left
@CHARACTER faces right

@CHARACTER enters from right to upscreen left

And it’s alright :grin: ask, we’re here to help :slight_smile:

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HI! I am working on my first story and I can’t seem to get the Simultaneous Directing correct… Can you maybe help me? This is what is going on right now:

DO (laugh_chuckle)AND MORGAN (idle)

thank you!

@DO is laugh_chuckle AND MORGAN is idle

Thankssss <3 @Apes

I want to show two people sitting in a car, how should I do so?
My background is EXT. CITY HIGHWAY - DAY
Any car is fine

You have to add the car in and the behavior to spot the characters inside of the car. Here’s a guide on spot directing:

How do you make choices matter?

Here’s a guide by the trustworthy @Dara.Amarie that explains how to have past choices remembered:

HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

thank you!! I tried this before but it didn’t work. it told me that @DO is not an appropiate directing command. It works now though :slight_smile:

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At times the portal may create an error when there is none. Just try refreshing the page.

I need help please!

What help do you require?

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So, I am trying to place an overlay in a specific place, and I have this INT.AMERISROOM with FIREBALL to -146 172. But it comes up as an error. How do I fix it? :thinking:

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Thanks a ton :kissing_heart: @RudeInception

This is how you need to write the code:

IT. AMERISROOM with FIREBALL to 1.000 -146 172

You need to add the scale too in front when adding your overlay with the background.

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Trying to get my character to eat pizza and cupcakes please!

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