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I see, I had a feeling I would but the thread made it sound like I didn’t. How would I go about doing that?


Thanks for explaining it to me! :heart:


You need to go back to that choice and add in a gain and then use the if/elif/else. Like if (GAIN_NAME).


No problem.


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Can you give an example with the numbers? I’ve been trying to random them for the past thirty minutes and all I get are error messages. :frowning:


here’s the example:


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I can’t get the camera to stay on the characters when the camera shakes


Can I see your codes? Also send me codes of the camera placement where you characters are visible.


So I know you can give characters bruises using @CHARACTER changes face into Cade Bruised, but is it possible to give characters bruises in Limelight?


They haven’t released any such assets for Limelight as of yet.


You could use an overlay for that in Limelight.


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how do I write the code for fading when time passes?


Depending on if you want to fade in or put of the scene.
@transition fade in black 3
@transition fade out black 3

The “black” is just one color. There are so many others you can use. 3 is the number of seconds. You can adjust to your preference.


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hi please help me i want to do zoom on my art scene fot the whole pic
you know how its worked please help me


Check out: Zoom Directing (The Art of the Zoom Made Easy)

An example:
@zoom on 349 383 to 8% in 3

Don’t forget to write @zoom reset once you’re done with that scene and want to zoom out to the whole background


it doesn’t work