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So basically to remember choices in further episodes you need to use gains. The method you have used is correct but unfortunately it only works when using it in the same episode in which the choice was given.


I see, I had a feeling I would but the thread made it sound like I didn’t. How would I go about doing that?


Thanks for explaining it to me! :heart:


You need to go back to that choice and add in a gain and then use the if/elif/else. Like if (GAIN_NAME).


No problem.


Thank you x


Can you give an example with the numbers? I’ve been trying to random them for the past thirty minutes and all I get are error messages. :frowning:


here’s the example:


Bumping this!:grinning:


I can’t get the camera to stay on the characters when the camera shakes


Can I see your codes? Also send me codes of the camera placement where you characters are visible.