Manna's Help Thread: For coding, directing and more


Thanks for trying to help @Azredd but I already tried this all the coding on this is for Ink and doesn’t work for limelight sadly thank you for trying to help though much appreciated .

  1. While giving customization, let’s say this is your choice

“Dark” {
@CHARACTER changes skin into Dark
@MOM changes skin into Dark

You will have to add the family in zone 3 or 4 which is offscreen. And add their skintone or eye shape and color into the same choice as the characters.

  1. By saving I am guessing you mean how to remember choices.

You add the “gain” inside a choice.


“Go to the Park” {

gain PARK


“Go yo the Beach” {
gain BEACH


“Stay home” {



To remember these choices:

if (PARK) {
elif (BEACH) {
else {

  1. For outfits:
    It is the same method as above. However yoy should add your gain under the choice of "Yes I want to wear this outfit. Otherwise the reader will get the gain of the outfit they choose to try on. And it may not be the one they select.

Hi. So to make a character lie down it is the same way as in INK.
@CHARACTER spot x y z AND CHARACTER is idle_lay_awake_neutral


I’m getting an error message for one of my “choices”. Wasn’t there before so I’m not sure how I messed it up. The error message reads “There is a { on line 758 that does not have a matching }” I went though the content with a fine tooth comb and can’t find the problem. I’ve copy and paste all the junctions to said choice below:

“Help Tosha” { (line 758 where the error message shows up)
#beat starts

#beat ends
#beat starts
} “Help Tevon” { (line 916)
#beat ends
#beat starts

I know, I know,

#beat ends
#beat starts
} (line 1071 where the choice ends)
#beat ends
#beat starts

Can anyone see where I messed it up caused tried moving the brackets around and the error message won’t go away

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Would you mind posting or messaging me a picture of that piece of your script?


This is the begining, I’ll have to send multiple messages for you to see the rest.
LOL I had to take a pic of my laptop so I hope this works

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This is where the second choice starts.

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That’s not a period following the } on 916, correct? - Nevermind, I see what that is.


Correct, that’s just how brackets show up on my laptop, you don’t know how many times I tried wiping my screen off or backspacing to make sure LOL


I’ve already checked every line in between as well to make sure there wasn’t like an accidental } thrown in somewhere


It definitely looks like the right format for a choice. I would guess there is something wrong with a command inside the brackets that I’m not seeing. # out the choice command and its brackets and labels and see if it shows you a new error.

I doubt its this, but I notice when doing scale you don’t include the third decimal place. That may cause the issue.


That worked, turns out that I had a couple typo’s on commands within the brackets. Like I missed and @ sign and twice I miss-typed @zoon instead of @zoom LOL.

Thanks for looking at it for me, I wouldn’t have thought to look for errors within the choice.

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Hi. So recently there is an issue with the portal. A friend if mine made no error in the script but it kept showing an error. I suggest you refresh the page a couple of times.


Thanks for the heads up, I’ll keep that in mind for next time I’m stumped. Purple_Ghost was able to help me find the issue. Turns out I had a few typo’s in the commands within the choice brackets and so it came up that the “choice” was in error. I hadn’t even thought of that lol


The new updated spellchecker should help. Now it only counts errors. So you can find if you have spelling errors that are like there for real.


Omgggg I’m in dire need of an overlayed for my upcoming story. I actually want to start a small team. ONE consisting of an overlayer, choice creator (for dressing games) and probably for if, elif and else coding. @Manna , girl, Hit me upppp!! Lol I’d love to see if you’re interested in my story.


But one person can do all of it. Including you. You don’t need multiple people for it. People know direction can do it.


Welllll i kinda want to keep it like…me narrating and spotting, then sending the script over to have overlays added and what not… if that makes sense lol, but I know how to direct. Is that what you mean?


I get you, I mean if you can do both things that would be great, you’re right i don’t need multiple people.


Okay I’m gonna pull my hair out, I already chewed off my nails lol. So, I’ve been doing what you posted. But the choices I pick in say episode 1 is not saving for episode 2 (thats outfits and character skin/hair…). It goes back to default. When you play your preview it should show right?