Manna's New Help Thread

My previous help thread is now closed. Hence, I am creating a new one.

I am here to lend a helping hand to all those who face difficulties with coding on Episode. I am well-versed with complex episode coding as well.

For a quick reply, DM me on Instagram: @writtenbymanna

I can help with:

  • How to increase the visual appeal of your scenes
  • Simultaneous Directing
  • Spot Directing
  • Zooms and Pans
  • Labels and gotos
  • Gains and Point System
  • Transitions
  • Choices
  • Overlay Animation
  • Dressing Games
  • Using Filters
  • Changing hair and lipstick colors
  • Changing colors of choice bubbles
  • Animations
  • Text Effects
  • If, elif and else coding
  • Spotlight Mode

ust comment below what you need help with.
NOTE: Remember to post the part of your script you are facing errors with. Also comment if you are viewing your story in the app or the web previewer.

Any suggestions for directing articles are welcomed.

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A Guide To Increase The Visual Appeal Of Your Scenes

Episode Story written by me:


This is sweet of you <3 <3 <3

But why did you close your previous thread? :thinking:

And I saw from Instagram you’re a member of episodians_united, but you haven’t posted in a while, really miss ya guys : /

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It was accidentally closed by the administrators and I think this is a good fresh start for a help thread.

I am a part of it but I changed my phone a while back and I got logged out of the account. I don’t have access to it on my new phone. Jaz and Elena have been away for personal reasons. I miss the account too so going to try to get back in and become more active. :blush: Maybe I will use my old phone for it.

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Bumping this!

i need help with the timing. for example when a character is fighting I have seen authors direct it to punch rlly fast or when some characters ‘hyperventilate’ they breathe faster than the actual breathing animation. So how do i do this.

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Unfortunately, we cannot time the animation. But you can time the scene.

Before adding the next background just add

&CHAR is deepbreath
@pause for 1

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Thanks for trying

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Hi @Manna
I was just wondering how you would get a character to look like the player’s avatar, if that makes sense. I’d like to put an option for customisation, going:
Would you like to change how you look?
“No, I already look good!” {

} "Yes, please! {

} “I’d like to look like my avatar! (you can still adjust it if you want)” {



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@CHAR becomes female profile
@CHAR becomes male profile

Remember a female can only be a female profile and a male can only be a Male profile, if interchanged can cause glitches.

Okay, thanks! Also, is it possible to automatically make the parents look like you, but only up to the noticeable features, like eye and hair colour? I always just find it tedious and slow when I have to customise the parents too, and it would just move things along quicker.

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You can.
Within the customization code add a Male character too, maybe a brother or the father. Like to match the skintone.
Then after the customization is done you can use these codes:
@MOM becomes CHAR

Then just use the codes to change any feature you like. So the parents look like the CHARACTER but not the same.

Thank you. I’m trying writing in cinematic format (full-display) for the first time with zooms and pans and cuts and all that fancy stuff, but I seem to have run into an error.

It is the hometown of a prestigious, wealthy family, the [SURNAME] family.
@zoom on 437 95 to 178% in 2
@transition fade out black 1.5
&YOU is idle_sit_sad_loop
&YOU faces left
&YOU spot 0.680 143 222
@zoom reset
@transition fade in black 1.5

That’s my code. What I want is for YOU to be sitting on the sofa, facing left, in idle_sit_sad_loop, whilst a character called EVELINA will be sitting across from her on the same sofa (it’s an L shaped sofa). However, when I run this on the app, YOU is stuck in zone 1 whilst the camera pans to zone 2, and YOU is just in idle, not idle_sit_sad_loop. What am I doing wrong here?

So this is how I usually code my characters, I find it more convenient.

&YOU spot 0.680 143 222 in zone 2 AND YOU faces left AND YOU is idle_sit_sad_loop
@cut to zone 2
@zoom reset

Again this is how I prefer. To have a character placed in a certain zone just add “in zone #”
In terms of the animation, add the animation after you spot direct or place the Character.

Hey, sorry I’m practically bombarding you with questions, but how would I get a character to do a motion animation to go places? This is my code so far:

@YOU walks to spot 0.680 -100 233 in 2
@EVELINA faces left
@speechbubble is 202 268 to 100% with tail_top_left
readerMessage That poor girl.
EVELINA (idle_sad_timid_loop)
(Cette pauvre fille.)
@transition fade out black 1.5
@transition fade in black 1.5
&YOU spot 0.680 -100 201
@YOU walks to spot 0.680 65 201 in 2 AND YOU faces right

So the reason why I did &YOU spot 0.680 65 201 was just because without it, my character walks on from spot 0.680 -100 233 in 2, which looks a little weird, because YOU was walking on, growing in size, from the bottom right of the screen. But is there a way to, instead of YOU walking on, to make YOU run_cry_embarrassed_loop onto the screen? So basically, how do I get a character to do an animation from one place to another?

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@YOU walks to spot 0.680 65 201 in 2 AND YOU faces right AND YOU is run_cry_embarrassed_loop

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Ah, okay. So ‘walks to’ doesn’t always specifically mean walks to, it just means ‘move to’, but when nothing’s specified it just shows as walking?

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Yes exactly. It is just giving a move command.

Hey, can you help me?

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Sure. What is it that you need my help with?

So I’m using the mirror overlay refection trick but I also need to use the fading character thing and now im stuck

i’m trying to get the char in the mirror to disappear then another char comes up in place of the original char

So the char in the mirror will fade out, then another character will be in place of that while fading in, then it will go back to the original

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