Many different romantic storylines? (POLL)

Hey guys!

I’m planning on eventually writing a story and I had the idea of writing a huge story with many love interest.

By that I mean that after the prologue the reader will get the chance to choose a love interest and learn about their story while also falling in love with them. The point of this is so that each love interest can develop in their own way.

So character #1 would have a totally different story line than character #2. I was wondering if anyone would ever read a story like that? Of course to choose a new love interest you would have to use a replay.

So in the poll below please vote and feel free to comment as well!

  • I’m interested!
  • Not Interested at all.

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Totally! I’ve read stories like that before or played games like that
It’s kind of like a choose your own adventure (romance) book!
The Arcana is a great example of this its a really good game
You have your basic prologue and from there you can play out the stories with each of the 6
different love interests.
It’ll take a lot of coding but you can definitely do it! I’d love to read it!


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