Map of the soul: 7 [album release date?]

» recently, on twitter, bts (@bts_twt), had made an announcement on how they’re releasing a new album. the twenty-first of february.

» also, they recently published a comeback trailer. titled, “interlude: shadow”. it stars, min yoongi (suga), and extras. it has been on the trending chart from one to nine for the past three days. have you come across it, or even hear about it?

» off topic, but, they are popping up around the country, and partially the world.

» album can be pre-ordered !

» anyway, have you come across this & opinions? (potential tour? :eyes:)

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Yes! It’s #10 on trending in the U.S! I’m really excited for it.

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» so am i !!

» about to break some records. :sunglasses:.

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