Maple Ridge High **Roleplay**



Principal Okeke:
He starts to fix his tie and cuffs of he shirt. “Ahem.” Okeke clears his throat, speaking into the microphone,“Hello. I am here today with you to welcome of of the students of Maple Ridge High. As you know, you’ve been waiting a while to get in and I’m sorry for the inconvenience…–We had a slight delay. But your all here now. I really hope all of you will have a great time here. I do. This school is for excepting people, no matter where, what, or who you are and came from. We are all treated equally and want to be treated that way. Besides that, I wish you all a wonderful day! You’re all dismissed. And remember: Classes start in TWO DAYS!” He calls out while students start leaving the auditorium. Let’s hope nothing goes wrong for today… Okeke says, leaving the post.

Faceclaims: Maple Ridge **Rp Face-claims**

Sign-Ups: Maple Ridge High **Rp Sign-Ups**

@Skyzor - Clair Ashfell - Sophomore + Liz Khallid - Freshman
@Coolepisodes - Raven “Rave” Nightleaf - Junior + Noah Hills - Junior - Joanne Smith - Sophmore + Asher Ryans - Junior
@C_ssie - River Cody Woods - Sophmore
@Forever1201 - Kat Vein - Junior
@areyouaqueen - Nala Mussera - Junior
@Epi.Sympatics - Aaeesha Barelvi - Freshman
@c.lane - Elliott Winters - Junior
@lanasgalasoul - Rumera Jackson - Junior
@Madilnel - Lincoln “Linc” Macalester - Senior
@ChayChay - Lola Lockwood - Senior

Dorms & Roommates:

Maple Ridge High **Rp Sign-Ups**

Two days… only two days. I stood up from my prayer. I couldn’t concentrate. I sighed, knowing that I shouldn’t be so anxious. I sat down on my bed, closing my eyes.


@Coolepisodes Ya mind talking to your roommate? :wink:


I don’t mind :joy:

I’d love to have my character to have friends.


ORP: also are we in our dorms?


I’m pretty sure she is in her dorm, so :woman_shrugging:t5:


Raven “Rave” Nightleaf

Raven sat in bed, in her pajamas. She yawned. She was already in her dorm, and was tired. She started getting dressed, without hurting her left arm. She put on this. She walked to the kitchen making some nice eggs. I hope Joanne wakes up. She tries to cook with her right arm, and thinks for a while.


Lola Lockwood

I go in my dorm and start unpacking my things. I wonder if I will meet any friends. I wonder if anyone here is nice.



I sighed, looking out the window. My curtains flapped gently in wind. I looked over to my right, but only to see the boxes I had to unpack.


River Cody Woods
I’m in my dorm. Having just came. I begin unpacking my boxes, wondering where my roommate was. I had just said goodbye to my mom who enrolled me here. I roll my eyes and continue unpacking.




My cheeks were flushed, as I threw my bag over my shoulder. My parents could be so annoying at sometimes. I closed my bedroom door, after making sure that my new ‘sheets’ were tucked under the bed. I sighed, hoping there was someplace around here where I could eat.



Noah Hills

He slept in bed, smiling for a moment, but praying in his head that class wasn’t starting soon. He woke up, and ran to the kitchen in the dorms. He made Pancakes and then ate them. He sighed… wondering what is roommate is doing…



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A girl dressed in ripped skinny jeans, a tank top, and an Avenged Sevenfold leather jacket stands alone.
She takes a deep breath, and looks around at her new home away from home.
I hope I can make friends here… The bullying was pretty bad before. Ugh.

She twiddles her thumbs nervously.



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ORP: Well, let’s not let it die, right? Clair is approachable. ^^



ORP: Would any of your characters like to make a friend?