Maple Ridge High **Rp Sign-Ups**


Dear Students and Faculty,

Welcome to the grand opening of the school, Maple Ridge High! You already know Maple Ridge is a community where everyone is welcome. Same here. We have a high population of people of color: no discrimination, racism, or bullying within this school. We do not tolerate this in our faculty or students. Especially as a person of color myself, I would understand what it’s like to get treated unreasonably for your race. Also, religion. You are welcome here no matter who or what you are! If want to fully be apart of this school, please fill in the rest of your information here: ( We’ll send you a confirmation letter as soon as possible.


  • No bullying, racism, discrimination in this unless it’s part of a roleplay
  • If you add anything sexual or inappropriate, please don’t be too descriptive
  • If you add inappropriate language, please blur it out
  • You can have up to 2 characters and nothing more
  • Drama is allowed if it is part f the roleplay

Coming soon…

People who I think will be interested:


Maple Ridge **Rp Face-claims**

Reserve for one female and one male Students.

(signing up now)


Alright :+1:t5: (I just wish it would let me edit the post :woman_facepalming:t5:)


I know what you mean :joy:


I won’t be interested for now as such…but thanks for informing! :grin:

@AS007, I think this shall attract you :eyes:


it has attracted my interests

I shall see to it shortly :slight_smile:


Mind giving me both of their ages and school year? And if he is mixed, what is his other race? Because Italian isn’t considered a POC race.


He is Italian and French.

And Raven is 16 and He is 15. Raven is in Junior and he is in Junior too.


Thanks, that makes more sense now.


Just submit ^-^


I sighed up earlier.

Maple Ridge High **Roleplay**

Yeah I got it. I’m about to share the link now, I just have to add a few things.


Here is the face-claim link:


I don’t have permission to view the Fcs




Thanks for telling me, I just changed it.


Yup. I just got it.

Question, are you gonna make a character?
Also, Clair being a sophomore means she needs a friend.


Yeah, Imma make a character. Oooo, once more people are added, we can start and make friends. I look forward to meeting your character. :wink:


Can I sign up a second character? @EpisodeShadow


Of course.