♠️Marie’s Art Shop ♥️ (CLOSED)

Hey guys. I’ve decided to open an art shop😊! Right now im taking requests for pfps. It can be of yourself or a character you like. However, I have a few conditions.

  1. Follow me on Instagram and GIVE CREDIT ( i will find you…) Request me on Instagram so I know that it’s you. My Instagram is . >Epi.mariek<

(If you don’t have Instagram you can request here but it might take me a while to see it since I’m rarely on the forums. You still have to give credit anywhere it is used.)

  1. Send me all the details so I can get all the features right. Sending a picture helps as well so that would be great.

  2. If you have a background that you want in particular send that as well.

  3. All i ask is this. Do not rush me. Idk how many people will request and I was hesitant to take requests because of this.

  4. Don’t pressure me because your edit will go straight to (la basura) the garbage :wastebasket:.

  5. If I don’t accept your request it’s for a reason. Don’t get mad. I have a life outside of episode be understanding of that. I don’t tolerate rude or mean people.

  6. Allow me to be creative with your request. What I mean is I would like to choose the position, pose, ect.

Alright now that that’s established :blush: feel free to request. I’ve sent a few of my examples here before but I’ll send a few more of my recents.

Btw I accept trades😊 I’d love to see your art❤️

Let me mention that I DONT DO LIMELIGHT and I’m not doing Story Covers atm :joy:


Oooo I love your art! Imma request in a bit! :rofl::heart:

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Aw thank you and sure😊

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Would it be easier if I request you on insta? :sweat_smile:

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Yeah lol that way I could keep track of who requests an edit from me :blush: if you don’t have insta you can request here tho ^

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I have it dw :rofl: Ill request rn :joy:

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Can I get one, with this character:

Or in case you can’t do limelight, this character:

Thank you! I will credit like crazy!

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