Marie's Art Request Thread <3 (Covers, Splashes, Character edits)



Thanks so much the blanket will work i think for what I need I was looking for a top view like from the ceiling looking down of bed but I do like this so I may use it in another scene!


Style (Classic, INK, Limelight): Limelight
Cover size (Small, Large, Both): Both
Title: Angel
Authors Name: Splot
Genre: Fantasy
Short Summary of your story: When three estranged brothers are reunited, they find out that they’re angels destined to save the world, do they have what it takes?
How would you like your cover to look like?: I don’t want any characters on my background, I just want there to be big letters that spell out Angel by splot in front of clouds and blue skies, thanks!
Anything else?: No.
Is it okay if I use your cover as an example?: Of course!


Hey I dont wnat to stress you but how’s it going ?


Thanks, I’m glad you like it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Request accepted!
Your covers will be done soon!


I’m working on it and it’ll be done soon. Sorry that it takes so long. I’m a bit stressed out right now because I have many exams next week.


Waiting List


2 more done:


Your cover is done. Your splash will be done soon :slightly_smiling_face:


This looks really good thank you so much😊


Yay! Thank you!


Request completed!
Here you go:

Don’t hesitate to request again :wink:


It definitely looks amazing, thank you, I’ll definitely request from u in the future😊


Cover Request Form:
Style (Classic, INK, Limelight): INK
Cover size (Small, Large, Both): Both
Title: Finding Happiness
Authors Name: Blaisian Magic
Genre: Romance/Drama
Short Summary of your story: She’s broken. He’s in a gang. They cross paths. Can they mend their hearts?
Character details (screenshot or typed out)

Character outfits:

Character pose:
The girl is cry_weep_loop. The guy’s idle_hold_gun.

Background: Dark brick wall
How would you like your cover to look like?: I would like the girl and the boy to be separarted by a bullet hole crack. I want both of them to be sad. The girl is crying and the boy’s holding a gun. The two people are facing opposite directions, and on the boy’s side, a ton of people are circling around him (idc what kind of people).
Anything else?: Can the characters be drawn?


Request accepted!
I’m pretty busy right now and I’m on holidays in France so it may take longer until it’s done.


Actually, can this be a large cover instead? Sry!


Sure, np :wink:


Request completed!
Here you go:

Sorry that it took me so long. I had lots of Exams and I went on holidays. But now I‘m back. So don‘t hesitate to ask for a redo :wink:


Thank you can I ask what I asked for again to see if it needs a redo haha


Haha, sure. Here’s what you requested:

Character Edit Request Form:
Style (Classic, INK, Limelight): INK
Character details (screenshot or typed out):
Skin tone taupe
brows medium sharp
hair modern pompadour fawn
eyes classic round blue
face chiseld square
nose button
lips small round taupe
skin tone olive
brows medium soft arch
hair dancer bun chayenne
eyes upturned bold toffee
face diamond
nose soft natural
lips classic red
Character outfits:
large stitch pants black
cool leather jacket black
muscle tank white
violet utility boots
blue halter basic
black femme fatale heels
black leather leggings
teal boohoo bracelet
blue boohoo earrings

Character pose:
guy arms crossed
girl kiss check
new york
Do you want text on your character edit?: no
Anything else?: no thanks
Is it okay if I use your character edit as an example?: yes of course

thank you