Marie's simple Character Edit tutorial



Only a little and only the surroundings, not the ones in her hair.


So the hair outline




Step 10:
Use dip pen soft brush but with a lower strength and also make some strokes in her hair. But only a few. Like this:

Use the eyedropper and get the color of her outfit. Make a few strokes in her outfit. Like this:

Just paint over the darker areas with the same color and add a few strokes in the lighter area.


If I turn off the other layers it looks like this:

Just that you get a better idea of what I’m talking about.


Step 11:
Add a new layer, use your dip pen soft brush, change it to a big strength (around 12 I think) And make an oval on her hair:

Go to Gaussian Blur, blur it and voila, your finished!


I would love to see the results of you guys!




It looks nice!
Just use a little lower strength next time when you’re outlining the face and it’ll be perfect!


Okay thx


Wow this is such a cool idea!


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: