Marooned- Role Play Sign-Ups- CLOSING June 20th




Your character and others have been abandoned on an Island after a storm crashed all nearby boats/ships, one of which was coming to get you after your break was cut short. (Due to the Storm Danger)

At SouthEaston High, the school you go to, social stereotypes are relatively accepted, so many people who could be in the same class barely know each other.

The Island has only one exit, by submarine, due to the geographic climate of the area. There is virtually no way off.

There is an abandoned resort somewhere (I know, convenient, right?!) Which your character may be able to find…

You choose to survive this any way you’d like. This is an RP after all.

If you wanted to be tagged -by the poll-
@Cricket_Master @Briar.R @ReeseTheReallyGrumpy

There are no specific positions. For example, you could say you were the pilot of the Boat or Plane there.

This RP will Begin when there are a reasonable amount of characters made, likely 5 or 6.

If you have any questions at all, you can ask below.

I will make the Face Claim PowerPoint when I get the starting minimum listed above.

Also, please make a maximum of 2 characters, at least for now, if you would like to.

_PLOT TWIST- Each character will have an ability, of which they get and can use. _

Ability Groups are…

Energy Use - Has the ability to use the Island’s energy
Energy Creation- Can create Energy similar to the Island’s
Energy ‘Tracking’- Can ‘sense’ where the energy is found
Energy Destruction- Not the same as Use- can absorb dangerous amounts for safety.

Each Ability Group may rely on the other, in other words, their basically equal. All of them are connected to the Island’s abnormal energy.

Character Forms

Name on Forums-
Name of Character-
Bio [please be descriptive]-
Personality [please be descriptive]-
Faceclaim Link-
Ability Group (Choose one listed above)-


Should the faceclaims be of celebrities, anime, or just any random epic you can find?


They don’t have to be specific celebrities, I’d just rather a link of an actual person, not anime,


Ok, thank you!


And you can just type your character and submit it below if you make one.


Reserve for one pls


You don’t have to reserve, I don’t plan on closing sign ups for a looong time, because it starts as soon as 5 or 6 characters are made. But just in case, what gender? @SilverStar


Also, could you describe what each of the energy categories does?


I updated the Information above, so it’s there.


Thank ye! :slightly_smiling_face::grinning::smiley::smile::grin:




Imma join later




@Zabica @SilverStar @ReeseTheReallyGrumpy @Briar.R @Cricket_Master

I just @'ed everyone who’s been in this thread.

Sign-Ups will now end May 15th

This is just for people who may want to start. So if anyone wants to begin playing, there will be people.


ok, I’ll just start my character sheet.


Name on Forums-
Name of Character- Mai Anderson
Age- 17
Gender- Female
Sexuality(optional)- Mai is unsure of her sexuality (find out in the roleplay)
Bio [please be descriptive]- Half Canadian (on her father’s side) Half Vietnamese (on her mother’s side) Mai is a middle child, having both an older sister and 2 younger sister’s. Despite this, Mai always felt like the oldest sibling as she has too take care of her older sister Hana a lot since she is blind. Mai doesn’t mind this as she is very loyal to her family. She helps her mother run her Vietnamese restaurant as well as her father a mechanic, with fixing cars, She also takes trips to see her extended family on both sides a lot. Because of all this extra responsibility and pressure put on Mai. This has caused her to have poor grades and barely passing and occasionally getting a high grade. This has lead to false rumours being spread about Mai throughout the school of her being a drug taker which is the cause of her missing days at school and poor grades. Another rumour that is spread is that she does “favours” for teachers if she gets the occasional high grade. Most of the time it seems like Mai doesn’t hear these rumours or at least if she does she doesn’t let it get to her. As she has some close friends and her older sister Hana that cheer her up. But, the rumours and her “intimidating” gothic sense of style has lead most people to steer clear of her. Her family are worried about her poor grades and gothic sense of style. But they are only looking out and want what’s best for her. They let her get away with it mostly since she is so helpful towards them.
Personality [please be descriptive]-Very optimistic despite her gloomy appearance and the current situation, She is very friendly, helpful, kind, loyal to friends. But she can sometimes be a bit too touchy feely with people. She can also be very reckless and do things without thinking. There is also a sense that there is a something beneath her “happy go lucky” exterior.
Faceclaim Link-

Ability Group (Choose one listed above) Energy Creation


Thanks for signing up!


No problem! Do you like it? And do you mind if I make her older sister join despite not being in High school?


Do you mind making it a brother? If you don’t want to, that’s fine (I just want to have the ratios even). But yeah, you can make the sister. Just make sure they aren’t too old, and but in their bio that they’re not from thr school/explain why they’re there.

P.S. -The sister would count as your 2nd character.


reserve for a female energy destruction, i’ll sign up later