Married To The Money


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umm whats the point of this??


No one needs to see how rich you are. This is honestly one of the rudest and most disrespectful posts I have seen.


exactly like nor does anyone care


Lol no need to come for me💯Because for one I didn’t say I was rich and two why you just talking to me any kind of way you want!?


You made this account… just to post this picture? LOL


It has nothing to do with this category. So, why even post it? We don’t need to see this picture of money anyways.


Well I’m new here and I didn’t post the picture cause I wanted too it was on accident I didn’t purposely post it for attention…but how do u create a mobile story???


There are no mobile stories on the forums.


But why does your title say Married To the Money


Then like how do u publish a story?


Go on writers portal, and press publish…


Just said I ain’t know what to do


You can’t, unless you navent published it



"I’m not going to jump to conclusions-OK fine, I’ll make some assumptions-It’s either a new story you’re working on, an image from google or something that you have and posted about on an EPISODE forum? Hmm? Well, please explain please, I don’t mean to be harsh/sound rude. " was something that I was going to write but I see everything is sorta solved…you publish a story through writer’s portal-be sure to read what an Episode story should include, the guidelines, and practice directing as well as writing a plot. You could also publish on mobile, which I believe has choices now. Maybe re-edit your post saying it’s a story you’re working on and perhaps it should be moved to a different topic of interest?


Just report this as either Spam or Inappropriate



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