Martini's story workshop

Hey there fellow authors! :writing_hand:
I decided to open a workshop for new community members.
I know it’s difficult to get your story out there. But if your story is good, believe me - your time will come! :hugs:

I see many new authors (and not only) struggling to gain new reads. And I think in most cases it can be fixed easily with constructive cristicism and some tips. :face_with_monocle:

Most readers tend to keep reading stories that are well written and directed (me too). Errors, plot holes and overall unprofessionalism don’t make a pleasant reading experience… :yawning_face: :sleeping:

And I’m here to fix it! :raising_hand_woman:t3: About me:

  • I’m an experienced writer and reader, sometimes reviewer.
  • I’ve been a part of the community since 2015 (before Limelight release, fun times :cowboy_hat_face:).
  • I have 2 stories with over 200k reads, both featured on shelves :partying_face:
    (You can find them here: @martini.episode | Linktree)
  • English is not my first language so I can’t really help with grammar (except for obvious mistakes).

I recommend visiting my thread first:
:sparkles: Writing an Episode story 101 - The key to success :sparkles:

Then if you went through everything there and think you’re good for the next step: comment your story below. Please include story title, author, description and cover.

I will read the first (or more if needed) chapter of your story and then give you a very honest opinion about it (including title, description and cover), things that need to be fixed and how to do that. Additionally I can provide some plot ideas and tips on how to make some scenes look smother.

If you decide to apply to my tips, I will read your story after said changes are made to see the progress (if you want, of course).

As you can see, I am not saying that it’s going to be my own, subjective opinion, because it’s not. I refer to successful stories, many other threads, opinions, story reviews and my own experience. So I know what is known to and what does make a good story in general. Of course there are people that prefer some things over others. For example there are many stories by “big” authors that are just not my cup of tea, but I still think they’re well made! So again, this is not about liking but objective criticism. :slight_smile:
So please, don’t get offended! I want to help you :tulip:

:exclamation: Please. only serious applies.
Password: lollipop emoji blurred (an actual emoji, not the word), so I know you read it all.

This thread is not for story promotion! It’s to help you fix and polish your story to gain more reads and give you a chance to get out there!
It’s also not your typical review shop! It’s a workshop, so we’re gonna work on your stories together.
If I see lack of engagement on your side, I will drop out and move on to the next person. I am providing free help and I want you to take it seriously. :slight_smile: If you for some reason can’t go on with our workshop or decide you don’t want to be a part of it anymore, please do tell me! Don’t ghost me, please.

I will be working with 3 people at a time so please be patient and don’t spam this thread if you see it’s full.

< @Nyks
< @Megz_Episode

:building_construction: Let’s work! :construction:


Hey there I really like your stories and I’d gladly take some tips from you since I published my story like a month ago and still sruggling with reads.
Story Title : Five Demand
Author : Nyks
Genre : Fantasy
Plot : Being a senior is hard enough for Amy. Now she has to deal with a Grumpy Old Woman.

Sorry I couldn’t find the password in here…

Hello, here is my new published story :hugs::hugs:.

Title : Life in Demby (revamped)
Author : Megz_episode
Description : Group of new students arrive in the university of Demby to start their new life. What will happen when the mysterious Author try to draw them into his sick, twisted GAME?
Cover :

Episodes 4
Style LL
Genre : Mystery
Link :

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Sorry about the pw :sweat_smile: I’ll start with your story right away and pm you when I’m done :slight_smile:

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You forgot to include the password

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I am sorry, i forgot to add :lollipop:



Will you also read unpublished stories ?

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Story name - Destined vampires
Genre - fantasy
Description - A Vampire Princess strong, independent enough to take the throne but is in no need of any king. In the process of becoming Queen, will she meet someone whom she is destined to?


Pswrd :lollipop:

Thank you so much for the thread! Hope I’m not to late so here’s my story! It’s a pure comedy story, full of laughs and no romance. Hope whoever stumbles upon it will enjoy reading it!

Title: How to Get Revenge on Your Ex

Genre: Comedy

Summary: Life is hell for you and you know who to blame, your Ex! With a bit of creativity and the help of your friends, you go on an adventure to get your revenge!


Yes! Even better :slight_smile: That way we can polish your story before it’s published, so it’s perfect for your future readers.

Also sorry for the absence! I’m getting back and next up is @Megz_Episode

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I will pm you when it’s ready for you to read.

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Alright :slight_smile:

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