Marvel Fan Club!



This topic all started when…

@Brooke_Johnson announced “Capital Studios” (first created by @TheTurtleTrainer) which is an episode group that brings marvel stories to episode! I lovveeeee that Group its amazing… me and @CrazygirldY_dY_dY started fangirling about Marvel and so…

I created this topic!

Here, you can read all the news about Marvel and discuss it! Welcome to the Marvel Fan Club! Have fun! :revolving_hearts:


Let’s discuss the newest movie first…this movie was out recently taking all the marvel stories and making it one big 3 hour movie. Come to think of it, it hard but amazing that they are able to do this! Ladies & gentlemen I give you…


YES! I literally have a whole book on Marvel characters. Actually, 2, the first one and the updated one. :joy:


And you know how I said I do sketches of Marvel characters sometimes? I just found this one I did not too long ago.

Lol idk I’m kind of proud


I like it!


Thank you! Should I share some more random ones if I can find them? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yassss! Totally!


Gosh, that movie. I honestly feel some parts were stretched out but I still loved it. It made me shed a tear or two, not gonna lie.


The last movie was actually pretty good.
I always love when the avengers get together, it’s like a comedy show.
Young Spiderman and Iron man’s relationship reminds me of tom and jerry. IDK why :joy: It’s like the little pest you can’t get rid of, but in the end, you really love each other.


And T’challa tho. :heart_eyes::sweat_smile:


Oh wow…yeah he’s amazing…



I just bought black panther the other day. Now, I watch it on replay. :joy:




Okay, I feel like I have to add this, this is my list of
MARVEL SHIPS (I’ll probably add more of mine when I can remember, and feel free to disagree and add your own!)
-Black Widow and Captain America
-The original Ant Man and Wasp
-Daredevil and Electra
-Spider-Man and Mary Jane
-Scarlet Witch and Vision



  • Iron Man/Tony Stark & Pepper Potts
  • Thor & idk!!!
  • Black Widow & Hulk/Banner (they ship each other)
  • Gamora & StarLord/Peter


I ship the first and last ones out of those :slightly_smiling_face:


I love marvel
I even said it on my episode profile
My fav is iron man no doubt
but lately i’ve been crushing on deadpool and ant man LOOOOOL


Some more ships~

-Medusa and Black Bolt
-Ms Marvel and Captain Marvel


Has anyone here heard of the ship Spideypool? (Not saying I ship it, I’m just curious on who knows it.)